Reconstructing Amelia: Book Review of Kimberly McCreight’s Debut Novel

If you miss Gossip Girl, then you should absolutely read the Reconstructing Amelia book. There’s a reason why it has landed on Bustle’s Gossip Girl reading challenge.

Honestly, Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight is basically a book version of the once-popular teenage drama. The Reconstructing Amelia book has a private NYC school, a bevy of rich kids with little supervision, a Blair Waldorf and even a Serena Van der Woodsen. Truthfully, it has all the things you love about Gossip Girl.

And it has more.

It has that weird, twisty, psychological thriller element that has become so trendy in recent years. Yes, this is another one of those books that has been compared to Gone Girl, and it luckily holds up to the hype.

If you miss the Gossip Girl TV show like I do, head over to Amazon to get the entire series.

Reconstructing Amelia Book: What’s It All About?

Reconstructing Amelia BookKate Baron is a high-powered single mother doing her best to raise a privileged teenage girl on the mean streets of Brooklyn. Luckily for Kate, Amelia is a by-the-book kind of 15 year old. That is, until she gets involved with one of the secret clubs at her elite private high school.

One day, Kate is called out of an important client meeting because Amelia has been suspended from school. Despite her obligations to her client, Kate drops everything and rushes across town to get to Amelia as quickly as she can. Unfortunately, Kate is too late. When she arrives, she is told that Amelia has committed suicide after jumping off the roof of the school.

Kate just doesn’t believe it to be the kind of thing Amelia would do. When the strange texts start coming in, Kate begins to question what really happened the day Amelia died. She starts asking questions and eventually begins to piece together Amelia’s final days, only to find that she’s in for more than she can handle.

Reconstructing Amelia Book Is A Must-Read For Fans of These Authors

Reconstructing Amelia: A NovelReconstructing Amelia: A NovelThe back cover of Reconstructing Amelia calls author Kimberly McCreight a combination of Gillian Flynn and Jodi Picoult. I agree. Reconstructing Amelia is not quite as dark as a Flynn book, but it’s definitely well researched and well plotted like a Picoult book. McCreight uses the same type of narration switch that Picoult uses. I like that because I enjoy learning pieces of the story from different perspectives.

Like both women to whom she’s been compared, McCreight does a phenomenal job of revealing the story bit by bit before delivering the shocking conclusion. Of course, there are at least two other surprises along the way, before the reader hits the big one.

Reconstructing Amelia
: Book Touches on Parenting, Social Media

As a disconnected reader, I really liked the Reconstructing Amelia book. As a mother, it was at times a little bit difficult to stomach. M two young girls are nowhere near the mean-girl-cliquey-club age, but stories like this are terrifying. And they’re real. I can’t tell you how many mom friends I thought of while reading this book because, while the outcome of their stories is never as dramatic, some of the bullying elements of Reconstructing Amelia are too realistic. Moms hear about them every day.

Tween and teenage girls can be mean, and the world is so different from the world we mothers grew up in. Social media was just beginning to exist at the end of my teenage years. I can’t imagine going through those years with social media, and it makes me nervous for my own children. In that regard, this story truly struck a deep chord for me.

Have you read the Reconstructing Amelia book? What did you think?

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