Who are you, Novel Mom?
The Cowboy and the Unicorn authorHi! I’m Kristyn! About  me:

  • I’m a long-time blogger and freelance writer who loves to spend time with my family, read, run, and travel.
  • I live in the Midwest with my husband, my two beautiful little girls and our hyper puggle.
  • I’m a graduate of the journalism school at Michigan State, a former newspaper reporter, and a fiction author. I’ve written non-fiction for a long time, and I’m excited about my new endeavor in the fiction world.
  • If I’m not writing, reading, or hanging with my family, you’ll find me running, traveling, and trying to find better ways to run my household. Tips are always welcome!

What is the Hogar Haven Series?
The Hogar Haven series is my children’s chapter book series based in the magical fantasy world of Hogar Haven. Once there, siblings Micah and Sarah find themselves amazed by the beauty of the magical world, but it doesn’t take them long to discover that the land is ruled by a group of greedy goblins.

Book one in the Hogar Haven series, The Cowboy and the Unicorn, was released on Oct. 26, 2017.
Book two in the Hogar Haven series, The Magician and the Pocket Watch, is due out on Dec. 5, 2017.

Why are all your book reviews positive?
As an author myself, I know what it’s like to work really hard on something and have it trashed or critiqued unfairly. I was raised to believe that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all. So I don’t. If I don’t have anything constructive to say about a book or a product, I don’t usually say anything at all, and you won’t find it on my blog.

I strive to provide you with the best books and product recommendations, and providing negative reviews doesn’t help me introduce you to new, great products. I don’t recommend anything I wouldn’t purchase myself, so I see no real point in introducing you to books and products that don’t pass muster.

Do you receive free products or compensation for posts?
From time to time I do receive free books from Netgalley.com, and in that instance, you’ll see a note at the bottom of my post noting that I’ve receive an advance review copy of the book for free. When I do receive free books, I still work to ensure that all reviews I post are 100 percent honest and reflect only my own viewpoints. I do not write positive posts for compensation.

I usually receive a commission of four percent when you purchase items through Amazon links on my site. Otherwise, the only compensation I receive is through the advertisers you see around the site. Interested in advertising? Contact me at novelmomblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

How do readers contact you? Are you on social media?
Yes! Feel free to drop me an email at novelmomblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

Here are my social media links. Come say hello! Look for icons on the site soon.
Instagram: @novelmombooks
Twitter: @novelmomblog
Pinterest: NovelMom
G+: NovelMom

Updated regularly! Check back for the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

In the mean time, if you have question of your own feel free to drop me an email at novelmomblog (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

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