My Fantasy Chapter Books Kids Series — How Did I Get Here?

fantasy chapter books kidsWhen you’re a mother, it’s sometimes difficult to grab a few minutes on your own.

When you do have those free moments, it’s nearly impossible to do something fulfilling for yourself.

I get that. I am that. I know exactly what that is like because I live it every. single. day.

I struggled for more than four years trying to find a way to be a mother and also to be myself at the same time. I am the cliche story; the kid who started out telling stories, who wanted to grow up and be an author someday.

But as a mother, I couldn’t see my way forward. Between the night-time feedings, the activity runs, the constant housework, I couldn’t find that path.

What Does Gary Vee Have to Do With My Fantasy Chapter Book for Kids?

And then I heard an interview from Gary Vaynerchuk, the guy who is always touting the importance of working non-stop. Put your head down and work 16-hour days every day, he says. Do that for 10 years straight, he says, and see where you end up.

Gary is obviously not a mother.

But still, something in one of his interviews hit home for me. Gary Vee frequently talks about regret. and he’s made it know that the fear of regret is one of his most motivating influences. He truly does not want to be one of those people who, at the end of their lives, says to themselves “I wish” or “what if?”

That entire concept really hit home for me.

Because even though I can’t possibly live the philosophy that Gary teaches, I can totally relate to this one concept.

I don’t want to spend my life worrying about what ifs, either.

And so I decided that when both of my girls started preschool, I would start running after one of my dreams. I decided that I would sit down and work toward something that I have always, always wanted to do.

I decided that I would write my first children’s chapter book. It took much planning, plenty of trial and error, and a ton of courage, but I did it. I didn’t leave anything on the table; I don’t have to say “I wish” anymore.

And here I am, with The Cowboy and the Unicorn.

Living life without regret.

The Cowboy and the Unicorn is now available on Amazon.
Head on over to check out my very first fantasy chapter book for kids.
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