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The Everything, Everything book by Nicola Yoon was everything I wanted it to be—and nothing I expected. The story is sweet and romantic and engaging and cute and… well, everything you expect from a young adult novel.

Except for when it wasn’t. Of course, getting too deeply into the shocking twist would force me to give away spoilers, and I’m not going to do that. Just suffice it to say that the Everything, Everything book by Nicola Yoon is everything you want plus a surprising plot turn.

Everything, Everything Book by Nicola Yoon: CharactersEverything, EverythingEverything, Everything

Everything, Everything book by Nicola Yoon: Main Characters

  • Maddy: The girl who has lived nearly all of her 18 years inside the walls of her mother’s house. Maddy has a rare disease which makes her allergic to just about everything. As a result, Maddy has not stepped out of her sterile environment in many, many years. Maddy is bright and intelligent and well-read, but she’s not exactly a social butterfly.
  • Olly: The broodingly sexy boy-next-door who, for some unexplained reason, takes an instant liking to the mysterious girl who watches him from her bedroom window. Olly lives a troubled life with an abusive and alcoholic father, so unraveling the mystery of his next door neighbor seems like the perfect distraction.

Why Read Everything, Everything: Book by Nicola Yoon

Eventually, Olly and Maddy figure out a way to communicate after Olly writes his email address on his window for Maddy to see. As a result, much of the story is told via emails and instant messenger chats, and I enjoyed the format of this book quite a bit.

quote from everything, everything - book by Nicola YoonThe format made the story extremely engaging, and it was easy to zip along quickly while reading the interactions between Maddy and Olly. The online conversation element removed a lot of the distractions that sometimes come with the setting. This made it possible to focus on the relationship between Maddy and Olly without getting bogged down in their body language and their inner monologue, for example.

As Maddy and Olly get to know one another more intimately via emails and instant messages, Maddy begins to feel as if she needs to meet Olly in read life. Though the face-to-face meeting is difficult, it is possible. Before long, Maddie and Olly are hanging out inside Maddy’s home—only Maddy’s mother doesn’t know about it.

As the story continues, Maddy finds herself living in a way she’s never lived before. Now that she’s felt alive, Maddy isn’t quite sure she can go back to the old way of living. She risks a lot by flying in the face of her illness. As Maddy spends more time questioning the meaning of life, she finds herself confronting her fears and discovering what it really means to live life.

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Everything, Everything Book by Nicola Yoon: Analysis

Everything, Everything book by Nicola YoonI enjoyed Maddy as a character, and I enjoyed Olly as a character. Once I got used to the idea of the pair being attracted to one another for seemingly no reason (they’ve never met, for example), I found myself enjoying their relationship, as well. Together, Maddy and Olly were fresh, and the tension between the two of them was nearly palpable. I went through a range of emotions as their relationship continued to develop, and I eventually found myself caring about what happened to them. When an author can make me invest myself into the relationship of two fictional characters, I always call that a win.

The only part of the story I struggled with came toward the end. Once the reader reached the final conflict the story seemed to tail off very quickly. I almost felt as if the pacing were a bit off. I felt as if the conflict resolution wasn’t given as much attention as it perhaps deserved. The reader spent the majority of the book getting to know Olly and Maddy, but the resolution to their problems came about in just a few short pages.

Have you read the Everything, Everything book by Nicola Yoon? What did you think?

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